How to properly clean and care for color contact lenses?

How to properly clean and care for color contact lenses?

After wearing contact lenses in the eyes for one day, the surface will deposit a lot of proteins, lipids, dust and bacteria, which can only be removed after cleaning and disinfection with a special contact lens care solution.
Today, I would like to share with you how to properly clean and care for contact lenses!

1.Clean hands to ensure health and safety
Before cleaning contact lenses, wash your hands carefully, try not to keep long nails, so as to avoid bacteria on your hands contaminating the lenses and nails scratching the lenses.

2.Take out the lens, rub and wash the lens
Place the lens in the palm of your hand, put a few drops of the care solution on the lens, and then gently rub the lens with your fingertips radially from the center to the edge for at least 20 seconds. Note that the front and back should be cleaned like this, and the nails should not scratch the lens~

3.Rinse lens residue
"Rinse" the front and back of the lens for 5 seconds each side with a generous amount of the solution to remove any residue from the lens.

4.Immerse the lenses in the care solution for preservation
Be careful not to put too much care solution, the water level should be about two-thirds of the way~

Develop the habit of regular cleaning and care to prevent dust and protein components in tears from contaminating the lens surface, in order to effectively reduce the risk of eye infection.

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