When is it not suitable to wear color contact lenses?

When is it not suitable to wear color contact lenses?

1.Long distance cycling
Long-distance travel contact lenses will harden the lens flakes are very likely to damage the corneal epithelium.

2.During Period
High intraocular pressure during period is also more congested around the eyeball, especially in women with dysmenorrhea. If you wear contact lenses at this time, it will have adverse effects on the eyes.

3.When the air in the X cabin of aircraft and long-distance bus is dry, it is not suitable to wear Color contact lenses.

Swimming pools and bathing beaches can not guarantee that the eyes are in clean and hygienic conditions. Contact lenses are adsorptive, and pathogenic microorganisms in water are easy to deposit on the lenses.

5.Use the computer for a long time
If you face the computer for a long time, your eyes will be dry, astringent and very uncomfortable. This is because your blinks times has decreased.

6.Dust weather and pollen season in spring
It is not suitable to wear in pollen and dust seasons. Bacteria adsorbed on the lens will cause inflammation.

7.Cold and fever
Wearing color contact lenses will aggravate inflammation. When a cold, it is often accompanied by mild retinal inflammation. Contact lenses are easy to aggravate inflammation.
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