What is the difference between contact lenses and color contact lenses?

What is the difference between contact lenses and color contact lenses?

Contact lenses can be said to be a very broad name, and color contact lenses are a type of contact lenses, and the two are inclusive.

1.The difference in color: The color contact lens is the pigment layer embedded between the two layers of transparent etafilcon A material before and after, to avoid the direct contact of the pigment to the eyeball. Pupils make eyes appear larger and more sparkly; clear contact lenses are almost transparent and colorless, with only a thin single layer, and they appear a touch of aqua blue under light.

2.The difference in oxygen permeability: There is a pigment layer in the middle of the color contact lens, and the three layers are formed, which makes the oxygen permeability and air permeability of the color lens less than that of contact lenses. It is a thin layer, and there is basically no discomfort when wearing it.

3.The difference between degrees: color lenses have flat lenses, which can be worn by people without myopia; people with myopia can also be equipped with color lenses with degrees. The transparent contact lenses are all degrees.

4.Different functions: Color contact lenses can beautify the eyes, make the eyeballs look more colorful, more energetic, and make the eyes look bigger. Relatively speaking, contact lenses have a relatively single role and are only used to correct vision.

5.Differences in material: Contact lenses are different in terms of material compared to color contact lenses. Contact lenses are divided into soft and hard lenses, while color contact lenses only have soft hydrophilic contact lenses.

6.Differences in production process: Generally, formal and compliant color lenses generally adopt a sandwich production process, sandwiching the pigment layer between the lenses to avoid direct contact with the cornea. Contact lenses generally have only one layer of lenses, which are soft, oxygen-permeable, and comfortable, and there is no sensation in the upper eye.

Color contact lenses are mainly from an aesthetic point of view. Generally speaking, the comfort level is not as good as that of contact lenses. However, with the advancement of technology, the comfort level of many color lenses is not much different from that of contact lenses. Therefore, for beauty lovers, color contact lenses can better meet their requirements.

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