The best choice for color contact lenses- 6-Months type

The best choice for color contact lenses- 6-Months type

6-Months color contacts lenses is a contact lens that can only be worn for half a year. The 6-Months throwing period is in line with the human eye’s physiological health and wearing science. Checking the eyes once a year and replacing contact lenses is the best way to care for the eyes. 6-Monthsly discarded contact lenses are theoretically replaced with new lenses every six months, but from a health point of view, it is best to replace 6-Monthsly discarded contact lenses after wearing them for 5 months, and health is more guaranteed.

1.Compared to daily
Due to the longer service cycle, the production process of 6-Months throwing is more strict and cumbersome than daily throwing, and the quality of the lenses will be better. The extended lens, which is thrown in half a year, has a long service life, can reduce the attached sediment and correct astigmatism. Compared with daily throws, half-year throws are much more cost-effective. But half a year tossing needs to be cleaned and cared every day, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and cause damage to the eyes.

2.Compared to annual
The longer the contact lens is worn, the cleaning times and wearing time will cause the lens to wear and affect the light transmission effect of the lens. If the disinfection is not timely enough, it will also increase the risk of infection. If you choose to throw it half a year, the risk of infection will be much lower. The water content of the half-yearly throw is higher, the lens is softer, and the oxygen permeability is better. Therefore, 6-Months is a better choice than annual.
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