Precautions when wearing contact lenses for the first time

Precautions when wearing contact lenses for the first time

1.After the care solution is unpacked, use it up within 3 months or discard it for a new one. Rub the lens with your index finger or middle finger for 15-20 times each time to remove protein. Do not touch the lens with your nails. The appropriate wearing time is: 2-4 hours on the first day, 6 hours on the second day, 8 hours on the third day, and the longest wearing time on the next day should not exceed 10 hours. The nursing box must be replaced after a certain period of time, because the bacteria inside cannot be washed with water. Generally, the nursing box is replaced every three months. Please try not to touch the tweezers with your hands, and replace them as soon as possible if they are damaged.

2.Always wash hands before handling lenses, dry them with a lint-free towel or tumble dry; make sure nails are cut short to avoid accidental eye injury or damage to lenses; place contact lenses at the tip of your index finger to shape the lenses , The way to identify the front and back of the contact lens is: hold the lens on the tip of the index finger to keep it at eye level, and then observe the edge of the contact lens. When the lens is on the front, the edge is bowl-shaped; when the contact lens is on the back, the edge is disc-shaped. Looking forward, use the middle finger of the hand holding the contact lens to gently pull down the edge of the lower eyelid, and the middle finger of the other hand to gently pull up the edge of the upper eyelid. At this time, the black eyeball should be completely exposed; The index finger is gradually moved closer to the eye, and the lens is attached to the eyeball; the eye looks down gently, slowly release the finger that pulls the eyelid, and blink naturally. Wear it for no more than 10 hours a day and take it out before going to bed.

3.If a person who wears contact lenses for the first time has a slight dryness, photophobia, short-term blurred vision,bad sensation, enlargement or reduction of vision, and sliding of the lens, as long as the situation is not serious and the duration is short, it is a normal physiological reaction. , usually after a short period of adaptation, the symptoms will disappear naturally. If any obvious symptoms of eye discomfort such as redness or itching of the eyes occur, the lenses should be removed immediately, and the lenses should be tried on after the symptoms disappear. If the symptoms persist or even worsen after wearing the lenses for a week, you should immediately remove the lenses and go to a dispenser or an ophthalmologist for a detailed examination to find out the cause.

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